This multimedia web presentation is based on Dr Martin Georgiev's doctoral thesis:

Tradition and Innovation in my Music. PhD Thesis. Royal Academy of Music, University of London. 2012

It contains the full theoretical text and relevant excerpts from the music scores and audio recordings that altogether constitute the thesis, with some minor ammendemends. All included audio and score examples from the composition portfolio are embedded  or attached as web links (underlined) within the presentation, thus allowing for a streamlined access to the coherent and interrelated flow of text and music, specific to this practice-based research.

The full portfolio including the full scores and recordings and the theoretical text in hard copy can be accessed at the Library of the Royal Academy of Music, London at the following address:

Royal Academy of Music

Marylebone Road



United Kingdom

More information about the author is available at his website (click here)  .

The footnotes, figures and examples  are connected to the text via weblinks (underlined throughout the text). In the majority of cases these weblinks open new tabs/windows, therefore if the links do not work, please check that your antivirus/firewall software is set to allow such tabs/windows from this website to open, and pop up blocker and similar settings/software are disabled. Audio examples are available via SoundClound players embedded at relevant places (and contingency MP3s included), with relevant playback instructions attached. Relevant score excerpts are embedded  and available to view via  Google Docs Document Viewer (with contingency links to PDF files included).