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For Soprano and Violin

Completed: 28.01.2010

Duration c.a. 9 min

World Premiere: 02.06 2010

Stankov Ensemble: Vania Vatralova-Stankov - Soprano, Ivo Stankov - Violin

Location: the National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia, Bulgaria,

Within Sofia Music Weeks International Music Festival

Stankov Ensemble: Vania Vatralova-Stankov - Soprano, Ivo Stankov - Violin

Studio Recording for the Bulgarian National Radio

Programme Note

The song cycle is based on three poems by Dora Gabe - one of the most significant Bulgarian poets of the early 20th century.

The first poem, called 'Song' recreates the athmosphere of the end of an exhaustingly hot summer day, when the sunset brings about the cool relief of the warm summer evening, the beauty of the star-lit nigt sky, the evening prayer of the houses and the breath of God embracing the world.

The second poem is a personal expression of compassion with the suffering world, where images of death, solitude, the roar and noise of the speeding routine of life, as well as dreams, birdsong and light leave deep repercussions in poet's heart.

The third poem is inspired by the night sky and starlight, when the meeting of the gaze of two human beings from distant lands who look upon a lonely star result in its sudden kindling.