M A R T I N   G E O R G I E V

c o m p o s e r   &   c o n d u c t o r

c o m p o s i t i o n s   b y   c a t e g o r y

E N S E M B L E 



For Marimba Solo, Traditional Bulgarian Ladies' Choir and Percussion Ensemble

For Tatiana Koleva, Cosmic Voices Choir with Vania Moneva, and Youth Percussion Pool

Dedicated to the victims and all those affected by the catastrophical floods

in Bulgaria and across the Balkans in 2014

Completed: 01.07.2014

Duration: c.a. 8:30 min

World Premiere: 28.07.2014,

Tatiana Koleva - Marimba; Cosmic Voices Choir, Vania Moneva cond.; Youth Percussion Pool

Location: Hall No.1, Festivall and Congress Centre, Varna, Bulgaria

within the framework of Varna Summer International Music Festival