m u s i c   b y  

              M A R T I N   G E O R G I E V

l i b r e t t o   by   

              M A R I K E   V A N   A E R D E



The Mirror - World Premiere 10th June 2009

The Duke's Hall at The Royal Academy of Music, London





"The music unfolds and spreads like a fog in the labyrinth, and Martin Georgiev achieved this most successfully and

eerily with a subtle combination of strings and wind instruments."


"Marike van Aerde’s intelligent libretto, with its references to Dante and T. S. Eliot, is the lynchpin."


- Serena Fenwick, Musical Pointers


The premiere enjoyed

the patronage of

Lady Solti

Sir Charles Mackerras

Andrew Ritchie CBE            



Jessica Cottis



The Azalea Ensemble                        


The Human

Clarissa Miller



Marcin Gesla



Frederick Long

  Andrew Ritchie congratulates the performers and creators in the Royal Academy's Duke's Hall.  




R E V I E W S   &   R E A C T I O N S




"Many congratulations on a spectacular performance. It was an enormous success and I am proud and delighted

to be associated with The Mirror." 


- Andrew Ritchie CBE




"Marike Van Aerde and Martin Georgiev’s opera The Mirror is one of the best works of contemporary theatre I have experienced during the last 20 years. Anyone seriously interested in modern music and a state of the art 21st century libretto will have no other choice than to attend one of the performances which, I am sure, will be plentiful in the foreseeable future."



- Achim Holub, Principal Conductor Kammerphilharmonie Graz




"An impressive accomplishment by a young composer."


- Ann McKay, Chief Producer BBC Symphony Orchestra




"I loved The Mirror. I just got lost in the lovely wash of music. I was very impressed that, with his first opera, [Georgiev] wrote so sensitively for the voice." 


- Katherine Marriot, Mezzo-Soprano




"There were heart-stopping orchestral moments and amazing rhythms and counterpoints."


- John Ramster, Opera Director




"I am very impressed with the creative team. You staged an excellent production." 


- Christopher Ager, Offstage Magazine




"The event deservedly attracted a very sizeable audience who delivered their appreciative verdict. Georgiev and Van Aerde are currently working on two further operas and I look forward to their performance in due course."


- Serena Fenwick, Musical Pointers